Wholesaler and DistrIbutor to Fast Food Trade

CC (Wholesale)Distributors                         



We at CC (wholesale) distributors are committed to fulfill the full requirment of

Fast Food Industry We aim to supply all fast food items under one roof at very

competitve prices

plus we are specialized in making packaging for your brand as well that includes pizza boxes,all sizes white or brown, chicken and chips boxes, serviettes etc  all it is just to help you to bring your cost down as much as possible

as we do believe that pricing is very important and lower the cost is the higher the

profit is



We have been successfully fulfilling the needs of small  Fish and Chips shops to Big

Franchises  and wholesalers as well


If you have not  tried us , then give it a go, you will be amazed to see that how much we

can help you to save


we are based in croydon so for orders etc drop us an email on

or give us a call on +44 7903 200 551 any time



Hope to hear from you soon!


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For CC (wholesale) Distributors

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always expected from suppliers



for orders or infomation please email us on or call 07903 200 55



1 anytime

                                                        SPECIAL  OFFERS                       


  •                                                                             7 " PIZZA BOX BROWN     4.99         

.                                                                                       15" PIZZA BOX BROWN   14.99

                                                                                        15" PIZZA BOX WHITE     16.50

                                                                                         (PLS CALL FOR REST OF SIZES)


                                                                                            SOFT DRINKS                                                                                          PEPSI GB  24X330ML     4.49

                                                                                         PEPSI EU   24X330ML    4.49

                                                                                         MARINDA    24X330ML   4.79

                                                                                          7UP             24X330ML   4.49

                                                                                           COKE  GB  24X330ML  5.99

                                                                                           DIET COKE GB  CANS  5.99


                                                                                           COKE GB 1.5LX12          9.99

                                                                                            PEPSI EU 1.5X6               3.99

                                                                                             7UP   EU 1.5X6                3.99

                                                                                             TANGO GB 1.5LX12       9.99